Ctrl Class the complete solution for managing networked computers

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What is Ctrl Class

The Ctrl Class is a solution for managing computers on a local network and all of its settings can be performed by a web server and synchronized to all computers quickly and easily.

Internet control

Turns the internet on and off for employees or releases only a range of IP's.

Tasks and reports

Schedule certain tasks for computer group (s). How to shut down, restart, lock and more. We will also be able to issue different types of computer usage reports.

Sending files or Survey

The supervisor / admin will be able to send the file (s) of your administrator module, for example a search by Excel or Powerpoint, all automatically and synchronized to receive it back.

Broadcasting Screen

The supervisor / admin can transmit the screen of your computer or any other employee to a group of employees or a group of screens in a meeting room.

Monitor employees

The Admin will be able to remotely monitor the employees' screen / monitor and check what they are doing during working hours and thus help them by controlling their keyboard and mouse.

Command control and overtime

Through the task scheduler, we can define the status of the computers (lock, shutdown, ..), as well as send the cancellation of these commands so that certain employees are released for overtime.

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